Type of emblems

 Heraldry not only allow to make out the sex of an armiger, but also if he/she is married or not, his/her relationships, properties. geographic origins, ideals, historical facts, dignities fullfilled or Honours received and much more. 

Heraldic language is really complete and the guide written by the study , 
Guide to the heraldry devices of the Italian Armorial Register offer a complete overview, both for what concerns the kind of emblems (coat oif arms, insignia, ex libris, etc) and for what concern the category of the emblems (family, ecclesiastical, military coa and so on) and propose also some solutions about the use of the all heraldry devices. 

Kind of emblems

Apart the classical coat of arms, it is possible to create and use also many other kind of heraldry devices. So there is the insignia or badge, the ex libris, the seal, the flag, the monogram, the rebus, the decorations and so on.

Category of emblems

The emblems can be of different categories: family, ecclesiastical, corporate, commercial coat of arms, feudal, coniugalis, relationship, female, mournful, canting, souverain, pretension, succession, of dignity, social and other kind of coat of arms.

Sample of heraldry devices

Below you can see some samples of heraldry devices

Guide to the emblems that is possible to register on the  Italian Armorial Register

Published the first complete guide dedicated to the emblems categories that is possible to register on the IAR.

La guide list both the different kind of devices that is possible to register on the IAR and the category of them.

The book has rich illustrations and it is followed by a clear and essential explication and it is available for ios, Android and Kindle devices.