What genealogy is

Does exist many kind of genealogy: the familiar genealogy, the successory. the land, the genetic and the psychogenealogy, all related among them.

The study, apart to find your ancestors, record also your family history, with all documents found during the research: vital records, parish, notaryls, militarys and other kind of historical records or documents. After the research it will be possible to have the digital and the graphical family tree.


 Studio Araldico Pasquini is enrolled as expert to the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti and since many years works for and with law offices, courts and notarys of all the world .

Apart the research to find the heirs and to get their documents, the study makes also the graphical representation of the family tree.

Familiar genealogy

It is the research that allow to study the origin and the descendance of a family, with the consultation of many kind of sources and Archives.

The sources to consult can go back till 1500.

The anagraphical records allow to investigate the emigrations, the citizenship acquisitions and the demography of a place in time;  the military records, document the wars that they fighted, the honours they have got; the notaryl records reveal the wills, the dotal deeds, the properties acquisitions and sales of a family.

Family trees

After the rersearch the data found in the documents achieved will be stored in a genealogical software that will issue many kind of family trees and reports.

Family archive

The data and the informations listed in the documents can be stored in a genealogy software thet will preserve the data in a gedcom file, that can be opened with any kind of genealogical software.  

The archive can be also printed on paper or added to the family book.

Family book

All data, informations, documents and photos found during a genealogy research can be as well as printed in an illustrated family book.