What is a genogram

The genealogical research bring to uncover not only our family tree, but also the events and the relationships among our ancestors and the others: all this can be nicely and easily represented by the genogram.

The genogram represent both the kind of kinship inside a family (kinship, affinity, engagement, relationship, cohabitation, other), than the emotional relationship that exist or existed among the people represented (love, hate. friendship, indifference, ostility, fight, infatuation, other) and their health and genetical situation.

The cost of the genogram depends on the number of people, of the relationships and of the other informations to be represented.


Known also as (trans)generational psychology, the psychogenealogy is the psychology applied to the genealogy and it concerns the exam of the genetic, social and psychological side that we inherit by our ancestors.
With the help of a genealogical table of 3-4 generations it is possible to get whether there are any possible hereditary compulsions, generational relationships, psychosomatic illness and drawing a detailed genogram it is possible to represent all graphically: connections, illness, bad habits, defections, inclinations and so on.