Family archive

What is a family archive

The family archive is edited with a genealogical software, after the genealogical research and the acquisition of the informations taken on the family documents.

Apart the name and surname of your ancestors will be stored also their birth, baptism, marriage, death, titles, occupations, the place of residence, their properties, emigrations, military informations, land and notaryl records and all the photos found.
The archive can be delivered both in digital (gedcom or pdf) and printed version.
The cost of the realization of the archive depends by the number of the hours of work needed.
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-  These are the steps to build a family archive -

Data acquisition

During the research and the interview with the family members it will be acquired all the basical historical and genealogicalinformations: photos, letters, vital records, military and emigration informations, etc

Data filing

Then the data will be analyzed and carefully filed in a genealogical software

Gedcom file processing

And at the end a gedcom file will be issued, or better the systemathic and ordered collection of all data, that it will be possible to display with most of genealogical software