Registration of coat of arms

Protection of coat of arms

As in Italy doesn't exist a heraldry office to register and to preserve the familiar coat of arms, the ways to protect an emblem or a coat of arms is to make a notaryl deposit of the coat of arms or to register it on the Italian Armorial Register

Sebastiano Pasquini is the founder and the curator of the Italian Armorial Register and it is both a private archive than a paper publication.

The Italian Armorial Register

The goal of the Italian Armorial Register is to promote the coat of arms of italian families, authorities, enterprises and other ones so to make easy the identification of a coat of arms and to avoid confusion among them.

Apart the coat of arms it is possible to register also badges, insignia, monograms, crests, rebus, mottos, flags, standards, pennons, seals, family trees and other kind of devices.

For more informations about the register feel free to visit its website: