Arma coniugalis

The Arme coniugalis or marriage coat of arms is the coat of arms that represent the ones of two spouses.

The placement of them can be done in many ways: both in the same shield or placed side by side, according the situation.

Shields placed by side

 The most typical form of coniugalis coat of arms is the one where the two shields are placed side by side and inclined.
The two shields can be also crowned or enclosed within a cordelier with the joined laces.

Pretension coat of arms

If the wife is the eldes with her father still alive then the husband place her coat of arms in the heart of the shield as pretension, because he means to want to represent his wife's family once her father will die.

Quartered coat of arms

If the father of the bride is dead and she isn't the first born (the heir), then the two coat of arms are just quartered (placed in quarter).

With the same crest

Besides the two shields can be placed side by side with the respective helmets and crests.

Con With different crests

Or it is possible to place sibe dy side the two coat of arms with the husband helmetand the crest.